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New Venture for RG Gill Builders 

We now have Heatas, Certification of fitting which means that we are able to work on chimney flues and liners and also able to fit log burners, more news coming on this 

We've Recruited Again 

We are really pleased to announce that we have recruited more members to our expanding team, we have recruited two multi traders and also two new plasterers. 

RG Gill & Son Builders Have A New Van 

Have you seen our new van around, our latest addition to our fleet has our new logo on it, we also have some great new banners for advertising and you may see us out and about in Weston Favell Shopping Centre in Northampton and Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, if you do see us come and say hello. 

RG Gill & Son Builders Recent Training 

training is very important to us as RG Gill & Son Builders which is why we ensure that are team always attend training sessions. 
Relevant members of our team have recently undertaking the following training 
First Aid Training 
Toolbox Talk on Silica Dust - Silica dust is created when working on silica-containing materials such as concrete, mortar and sandstone, it is also known as Respirable Crystalline Silica or RCS and it can seriously damage your health and some types can eventually even kill. Regular breathing these dusts over a long period of time can therefore cause lung diseases, so obviously as also being Health & Safety conscious this is a subject that is taken very seriously. 
Mask Face Fitting Training - Our Health & Safety company came and took this training with our team and they ensured that we followed an inspection of correct use. 

Home Extensions Vs. Moving – What You Stand To Gain 

For many homeowners, there comes a time where your needs change in relation to what your home has to offer you, and you’re left with two options – either renovate and extend your property to make the additions that you need (be it a bigger kitchen, second garage or extra bedrooms) or move out and try to buy a property with the features you want or need
Both seem like viable solutions so, in our latest post here at R.G. Gill & Son, we weigh up how home extensions compare to moving home altogether. 
1. Reduced Costs 
There’s obviously a cost involved in moving a larger property – but aside from the difference in price between your existing property and the one you’d move into, there’s the added costs of removal companies, changing utility contracts, estate agency fees, stamp duty, and numerous other costs. 
However, if opting for a home extension for a larger kitchen, double garage, downstairs bathroom, extra rooms upstairs or more living space at the rear of the property, then paying for an extension to be constructed for these additions is often far more cost effective. 
2. Ability To Customise Your Home 
One of the pitfalls of browsing the property market is quite often struggling to find exactly what you’re looking for – you find a property with four bedrooms but one’s too small; the en-suite doesn’t include a bath; the large kitchen encroaches too much on the garden; you don’t like the conservatory. 
Everyone’s tastes are different, which is why an extension can be far more advantageous, allowing you to add what you feel is truly missing from your home exactly to your specifications – without the need to compromise or make changes anyway later down the line. 
3. Potentially Increase Saleability/Market Value 
A three-bed transformed into a four, two bathrooms and an en-suite instead of just one – these kinds of additions to your home can only serve to make it more desirable, particularly if it makes your home stand out from the norm in your area or on your street. You could end up with a home that’s more desirable, has improved saleability and could (potentially) sell for a higher amount. 
Be aware that all properties in an area generally have a ‘ceiling value’ (a maximum people are generally willing to pay) and people’s tastes do vary, so you’re never guaranteed to increase your home’s value. The most important thing is that your addition suits you, your family and your home – go for something you need or really want. 
If you’re considering home extensions to make the most of your property rather than moving out altogether, then we here at R.G. Gill & Son can help. With years of experience in the trade, and a wealth of expertise you can trust us to provide a reliable and high quality service in line with your budget, needs and property.